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I’m Emma, and I like to create. I’m interested in the creative process, regardless of what is being created, be it jewellery, or photography, or interior design or the best no-knead bread recipe, I like it all. I like to learn how to do it, and I like to share.

You’ll find a bit of everything here, pieces of me, my life, things I’ve made, places I’ve been to and things that inspire.

I live in Leslieville, Toronto, with two dogs, a cat, a boy and a crazy garden.

I have an etsy

I have a twitter

I have flickr

I’m terrible at keeping these things up to date, but in case I do, now you have links!

I’m one of the leaders of the Toronto Etsy Street Team, we put on several craft shows throughout the year, I’ll post details as they arise. http://torontoetsystreetteam.blogspot.ca/

I’m also the owner/operator of http://www.shopcats.ca – its been a while since I’ve hosted a show on my own or staged a pop-up, TESTy keeps me pretty busy, but I like to keep that site up so the links remain for those that use them. One day I’ll bring it back I’m sure, in the mean time, its just there gathering virtual dust, c’est la vie.

You can reach me at: emma@landfilldesigns.ca

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