Hello! And thank you for purchasing a “Make your own photo pedant” kit!


Here you will find step by step pictorial instructions on how to make your own pendant!

Materials you will need:

  1. Make your own pendant kit (glass cabochon, metal tray, chain)
  2. Crazy glue (I recommend Gorilla brand)
  3. Scissors
  4. A photo or printed image (I use maps)


Step one: select your image by placing your glass on your photo or printed image.


Step two: remove the glass and place a drop of crazy glue on the image.


Step three: place the glass onto the crazy glue and gently push and wiggle to remove all air bubbles


Step four: let glue dry – see glue bottle for drying instructions. (If I am doing a porous paper time can be as little as 20 minutes, if I am doing a non-porous paper like photo-paper, I leave it for 24 hours to dry)

Step five: Once the clue is dry, cut around the image and glass.

Step six: Trim the image to the very edge of the glass.


Step seven: Gently place the glass & image in the metal tray; if it does not want to go do not force it, remove and trim the edges some more.

Step eight: remove the glass & image from the tray, place a small drop of crazy glue in the centre of the tray.


Step nine: place the glass & image in the tray and press firmly into place; hold at least 30 seconds.


Step 10: Voila! A picture pendant that you made yourself!